LEAPOCHOID is an experimentation by Creative Developer Jean Helfenstein. The project is based on a custom application built in Processing that creates 3D geometric shapes base on the hypotrochoid mathematical formula. The application uses the Leap Motion controller as user input. The shapes created by the application have been imported into cinema4d to create the final renders.
The heart of this project is the processing application turning the user input from the leap motion controller into a 3d shape. The application uses the leapMotionP5 library from the talented guys at onformative to get the data from the controller. Using the control key on the keyboard the application records a start and end position in 3d space. Those coordinates are then used as based for the hypotrochoid mathematical formula to create the 3d shape. The app has couple sliders to change values of the formula made using the controlP5 library. The shape is then exported in an .OBJ file.

DOWNLOAD THE APP (MAC ONLY) (For the app to work you need to change privacy settings to "Anywhere" under "Allow apps downloaded from")

High resolution prints are available on Society6